6 Oct 2016
ERC grantee Jens Blechert investigates underlying neural systems to determine which self-regulatory mechanisms might help people in making healthier food choices. Blechert's ERC starting grant project NewEat uses smart phones and questionnaires to track emotional eating and dieting in peoples' lives.
30 Sep 2016
New European Research Council Study Ranks 100 Cities
29 Sep 2016
If everybody in Britain followed the traditional Mediterranean diet, 19,375 cases of cardiovascular death could be prevented each year, a new study suggests.
19 Sep 2016
The Social and Cardiovascular Epidemiology Research Group of the University of Alcala in Spain, with its HeartHealthyHoods Project lead by Dr. Manuel Franco, has published a manuscript on the features of a neighborhood in Madrid (Spain) that affect the cardiovascular health of its residents. This manuscript has been published in the journal BMC Medical Research and Methodology. The European Research Council through an ERC-Starting Grant funds this research.
13 Sep 2016
To read the full report, please visit: BRUSSELS, 13 September 2016 – Why do people eat when they aren’t really hungry? Is the traditional Mediterranean diet, high in fruits and vegetables and low in red meat, better for you? Can social sciences help us better organise the way we get and distribute food? These are among the questions being studied now by ...
27 Jul 2016
Earlier this week, the ERC = Science² project kicked off a series of public engagement events with a 2-day programme (July 19th -20th) of dialogue events held at Cité des Sciences & de l’industrie in Paris , France. Funded by the European Research Council (ERC) , the ERC = Science² project focuses on the ERC-funded research by highlighting ongoing blue-sky research in Europe and the its ...
22 Jul 2016
In one apocalyptic moment on the afternoon of March 11, 2011, the Great Tōhoku Earthquake sent a giant tsunami wave sweeping over the city of Sendai, a peaceful metropolis of one million people in Northern Japan. The waves swept away vehicles, causing buildings to collapse and severing roads and highways. Debris swamped the city’s airport. The extent of the damage surprised even the most sophisticated of observers. To date, it has been difficult to nearly impossible to measure tsunamis or model defenses against it.
12 Jul 2016
Between 19 and 21 July, ERC grantees join geographers and urban planners in France to discuss and showcase smart ideas for making the cities of the future livable. On 19 of July, Science Squared and Ecsite will kick-off a series of public dialogues at Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris. The event is part of an ERC=Science² campaign The Human City , and features the quest of European ...
17 Jun 2016
With funding from the European Research Council, Professor Rob Kitchin of Ireland’s National Institute of Regional and Spatial Analysis is finding out how to leverage Big Data to improve city life.
16 Jun 2016
The traffic jam was enormous. As French winter holidaymakers headed to the Alps in February, 1980, cars strangled the city of Lyon with one of the world’s longest recorded traffic jams - a full 175 kilometres.



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