Nikos Paragios
4 May 2017
There’s never a good time to get bad news from your doctor. But for some diseases, early diagnosis is crucial. ERC-funded researchers are studying ways to apply computer power to identifying and treating disease
2 May 2017
Pioneering citizen science photo project opens May 4 in European Parliament
11 Apr 2017
New research on the gender gap in how long people live – starting with nuns and monks
6 Apr 2017
Share City: Global food sharing research presented at Boston conference April 5-9
4 Apr 2017
A cure for Alzheimers? It seems far off, if not impossible. But a researcher for France’s computer science institute thinks that computer-generated avatars – not quite as glamorous as in the Hollywood movie – could at least help predict your odds of getting the disease.
28 Mar 2017
From 16 th to 19 th March, the Pavilion of Knowledge - Ciência Viva Science Centre (Lisbon, Portugal) hosted a programme dedicated to food, health and sustainability, with more than 40 experimental activities, workshops, science and technology projects, debates and documentaries.
24 Mar 2017
De 16 a 19 de Março , o Pavilhão do Conhecimento - Centro Ciência Viva apresenta uma programação dedicada à alimentação, saúde e sustentabilidade com mais de 50 actividades experimentais, workshops, projectos de ciência e tecnologia, debates e filmes de participação gratuita.
19 Mar 2017
Can archaeological sites tell us about what people ate in the Bronze Age?
16 Mar 2017
Many of the pioneering inventions of the Roman Empire still influence our lives today. But what about global food trade?
14 Mar 2017
Since 1900 life expectancy has more than doubled, but humans are still looking for the Fountain of Youth



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