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The Taste Tests in Techmania Science Center in Pilsen, Czech Republic

2 Dec 2016

Science to touch, science for everyday life - this would characterize Techmania Science Center’s activities in Pilsen, which were offered to the public during autumn 2016 under the project ERC = Science². Altogether, more than a thousand people of all ages took part in the dialogue, public space and fab lab activities. The first activity under the ERC = Science² project on the topic of Food was a Pop-Up Science Stand set up as part of the Science and Technology Days (September 9th-10th) at the Republic Square in Pilsen. School groups and individual visitors came to discover and learn about the European Research Council (ERC) and the frontier research funded by the ERC. In addition, they had an opportunity to advance their general levels of scientific understanding through a series of experiments and workshops. The visitors could for instance test out how developed is their taste, how to properly compose a balanced diet or how to eat in order to keep the energy intake and output balanced. The Pop-Up Science stand also captured the attention of a candidate for the next Czech president, Mr. Michal Horáček who was among nearly 800 visitors. About three weeks later, on September 30th, Techmania carried out ScienceSquared activities during the Researchers' Night event. A chemical Fab lab, which was specially prepared for this event, consisted of several activities presenting various topics relevant to Food and Food security. Among others, visitors learned more about food safety, chemical agents in the food, water security and luminescence in entertaining way. While the entire event was visited by nearly 1500 people, 243 of them participated directly in the ScienceSquared fab lab. The third activity of the ScienceSquared project was a dialogue activity held on November 21st. A lecture about consumer habits followed by a science café for MA students of the Faculty of Economics at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen was delivered by RNDr. Filip Matějka, PhD., the first Czech who received the ERC Starting grant as a principal investigator in the field of social science and humanities. This dialogue activity was attended by 48 students, most of who were actively involved in subsequent informal discussion. To find out more about the ERC = Science² campaign, featured ERC-funded research and the project multimedia content, please visit To get the latest news and updates follow us on Twitter at and like us on Facebook at For press queries, please contact: Mr. Shane McCollam at


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