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Matthew Gandy

Matthew Gandy
The Human City
Downing Place
United Kingdom

Matthew Gandy is a geographer, urbanist and professor of cultural and historical geography and Fellow of King's College at Cambridge University, UK. He leads a European Research Council advanced grant project, “Rethinking Urban Nature”. Gandy explores three themes: how cities function and the ecological dynamics of urban space, bodies are connected to urban space and cities and landscapes are represented in moving images. Since 2013 he has been co-editor of ‘The International Journal of Urban and Regional Research’. He is founder of the University College London Urban Laboratory, and its director from 2005 to 2011. Gandy is also co-founder of The Urban Salon. In 1992 he obtained a PhD in geography at the London School of Economics, UK. 


  • Project: Rethinking Urban Nature (RUN)
  • Host Institution: University College London, United Kingdom
  • Call details: Advanced Grant , ERC-2013-ADG, panel SH3