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Who wants to live forever? - Vienna, Austria

15 Sep 2017

The ScienceCenter-Network in Austria will run a public event presenting the “Longevity” theme of the ERC=Science2 project  on September 15th  as part of the Science Festival of Lower Austria, taking place in the center of Vienna. The project stand, packed with information, interviews, and interactives on thrilling research around the mysteries of longevity, lifestyle, stress and their impacts on health and life span and more, will make a stop at the Festival and provide astonishing insights into ERC-funded research on innovative and futuristic technologies. A discussion game will spark questions and discussions among the audience on the feasibility and desirability of these and other innovative inventions.

In addition to the latest ERC-funded research on longevity, the event will also provide a preview of some of the content related to the next project theme which explores the science of sensory experience.”


  • Vienna
Science Center Netzwerk
Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 71
1030 Vienna


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