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Science workshops and interactive games

16 Oct 2016

Time: 10:00-16:00

EXPERYMENT Science Centre will prepare unique workshops on a range of issues related to nutrition, in particular eating habits, and will introduce the relationship between quality and yield production with global food resources. Activities will be interactive and will benefit from active participation of guests and local researchers.

An ERC researcher will be taking part in the activities.

  • Workshop on Study of water and soil quality: Each participant will learn how to conduct qualitative research and will conduct experiments on samples of water and soil. Each participant will be able to answer questions of what conditions must be achieved to make water drinkable. Workshops are designed to raise awareness of the available global food resources and what we can do in order not to lose them.
    Participants will be informed of ERC project SmartTap of University Of Cyprus, which connects with Real-Time Monitoring System for Water Quality
  • Mysterious „E” participants will learn in what products codes „E” are hidden and what are their properties.
  • Food preservation workshop will show different ways of preserving food and create awareness bacteria in food which are useful and work in our favor (f.ex. silage).

In the outdoor area of EXPERYMENT, the following activities will be organized (partially inspired by the ERC-funded research of Malcolm John Bennett (FUTUREROOTS) and Jens Blechert):

  • Different types of crops, with particular emphasis on the impact of root system on the quality of these crops. Visitors will be introduced to the cultivation of hydroponic and vertical gardens – how to grow a beautiful garden with little space.
  • Games and activities about healthy nutrition, vitamins and the prevention of diseases associated with poor eating habits.


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