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Research Strategies: Europe 2030 and the next Framework Programme

12 Oct 2016

What will Europe, and its science and technology, be like in 2030 and beyond? How are companies, universities and governments preparing for a better future? What should the EU do to help them? As the European Commission is just now beginning to draft its next big R&I effort, Framework Programme 9, Science|Business offers a unique opportunity to debate policy options for the future. Research strategy is the focus of this Science|Business Network conference. It will bring together a select group of corporate executives, university administrators and policy leaders from all over Europe and from all sectors/disciplines to:

  • Discuss among peers the Commission's newly prepared scenarios for the future
  • Analyse how they will affect R&D strategies of companies, universities and governments
  • Deliver recommendations on how the EU should shape its own R&I programmes for the future

At the conference, three ERC-funded food researchers will talk about their work, and why basic research matters:

  • Anna Davies, Trinity College Dublin, on a shared-economy in food
  • Riekelt Houtkooper, Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam, on diet and longevity
  • Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez, University of Navarra, on the Mediterranean diet
  • Moderator: Wendy Sadler, Director, Science Made Simple, Member of the Advisory Board for ERC=Science²

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1000 Bruxelles
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