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'Music and Sound’ at Curiosity Centre ZINOO (Cesis, Latvia)

27 Sep 30 Sep 2018

On 27-30 September, Curiosity Centre ZINOO will run educational programme titled ‘Music and sound.’ There will be several workshops for students and adults with a participation of professional Latvian musicians and ERC grantees who will present their research.

The ERC=Science² stand will be expecting visitors in ZINOO and offering information about ERC funded researchers in the field of music and sound.

On 28 of September, the stand will be located in the site of the event “European Researchers Night” in Cesis. Later that day Latvian guitarist Gundega Graudina will do experimental performance, and Fang Liu, Associate Professor at the University of Reading, will present her ERC funded research about how the human brain processes pitch information for linguistic and musical purposes during production and perception.

Weekend will offer workshops where visitors will be able to explore what sound is and how it is created together with musicians and scientists. Michael Ellison, an ERC grantee at the University of Bristol,  will present his research and attempts to bridge the musical languages of Turkish makam and Western classical and contemporary music.

More information about the event is available here.



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