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European Researchers' Night - Pilsen, Czechia

6 Oct 2017

The ERC=Science2 project comes to Pilsen again to ask you, “How do you feel?”

Science Center Techmania, located in Pilsen, the Czech Republic, will present a full spectrum of sensory experience research that goes on in Europe in three different events scheduled for October 6th and 12th.

Explore the cutting-edge ERC-funded research dedicated to the science unravelling the mysteries of the five human senses in a public event and a fablab workshop at Techmania on October 6th or attend a lecture and a science café with Lenka Zdeborova, a recipient of the prestigious ERC Starting Grant, at the same venue on October 12th.

For full event program, click here.

Public Activity (Pop-up science stand)

Date: 6th October - European Researchers' Night

Location: Techmania Science Center, Pilsen

The Pop-Up stand, set up as part of the European Researchers’ Night, will be packed with interactive information about the cutting-edge ERC-funded research projects dedicated to senses and sensory experience. Facilitators and educators from Techmania Science Center will guide the visitors through the experience and communicate about the ERC as well as the research projects using the digital and printed materials.

Additional workshop(s)

Vision is one of our most important senses, we gain most of the information through vision. Not everything we see is real. Do you know how to deceive your eyes? Have you ever heard about Herman's Grid Illusion? Do you know what´s a stereogram? You can find all answers in our vision-oriented activity! Visitors will try to fool their eyesight, they will find out what's hidden in stereograms and they can try how more animation and Herman's grid works. We will demonstrate the optical delusions while using a tablet and other educational materials.

The European Researchers' Night is an event dedicated to popular science and fun learning. It offers a unique opportunity to meet researchers and talk to them to find out more about their research and how has it impacted our society. The setup of the event allows for this to happen in an interactive and engaging way. Often featured are hands-on experiments, science shows, learning activities for children, guided visits of research labs, science quizzes, games, competitions with researchers and more. The European Researchers' Night takes place every year all over Europe and neighbouring countries the last Friday of September. This year, the events will take place on Friday 30 September in over 250 cities. Last year in Pilsen was attendance of 1493 people.


Fablab activity

Date: 6th October - European Researchers' Night

Location: Techmania Science Center, Pilsen

All our senses are interconnected. If you do not know what you smell, the pleasant fragrance may seem unpleasant to you. It is therefore not easy to know what substances you actually smell. Can you distinguish the fragrances? As part of the smell-focused workshop, visitors will test how good they are in recognizing fragrances. Which substances smell them and which, on the other hand, are unpleasant. They will find out if they can identify the fragrances in the mixture and they will have an opportunity to work with a microscope to watch the olfactory epithelium. This activity will highlight the ERC-funded projects SenseX - Sensory Experiences for Interactive Technologies and BrainVisionRehab that gain a rich and integrated understanding on touch, taste, and smell experiences for interactive technologies.

Techmania Science Center
U Planetária 2969/1
301 00 Plzeň
Czech Republic
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