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European Research Music Conference

11 Jun 13 Jun 2018

Organised by Music Technology Group of the Pompeu Fabra University and ERC=Science², the European Research Music Conference will bring together 20 projects funded by the European Research Council that have music as their focus. These projects come from diverse research domains and exemplify the wide variety of high-quality research related to music that is being carried out in Europe. 

The Conference will include talks by the Principal Investigators of the projects, plus demonstrations, short talks, and concerts by other team members. It will be a great showcase of the breadth of research topics and approaches that are being supported by the most prestigious funding program of the European Commission. Around the Conference, a number of other events and initiatives will be organised in order to reach the widest possible audiences.

More information about the event including the programme and list of confirmed speakers is available here.

In anticipation of the upcoming conference, Cais Jurgens of Vision2020 had the opportunity to interview Atau Tanaka, Professor of Media Computing at Goldsmiths University in London on his research into digitising humanity’s embodied relationship with music and sound. The interview is available here.

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