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ERC=ScienceSquared at CREATIONS: Creating Conditions for deeper learning in Science

2 Nov 3 Nov 2018

On 3rd of November 2018, ERC Grantee, Dr Michael Ellison from the University of Bristol, will talk about music, culture and theatre at Ellinogermaniki Agogi in Pallini, Greece. His presentation  “Towards a Transcultural Music and Transcultural Musical Theatre” will be one of the keynote speeches of the national conference for teachers organized by EA.

Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA) invites teachers, students and parents  interested in taking a glimpse of the classroom of the future in this two days conference (2-3 November) to learn more about:

  • The relation of numbers to art.
  • Exploring space and how a digital narrative about Mars colonization can become an excellent tool for teaching science.
  • The conversion of scientific data from the Large Hadron Accelerator (LHC) into sound and the implementation of training scenarios by CERN in the classroom.
  • The music of Physics and the teaching of Natural Sciences through the theater
  • The role of democracy ​​and beliefs in the classroom

Participants will get the chance to visit the art exhibition of the Swiss artist Eugen Jost, which is organized by EA with the support of the Hellenic Mathematical Society in the context of the 2018 Year of Mathematics.

More information about the conference and the exhibition can be found here:


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