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ERC=Science² pop-up stand goes to Riviera Shopping Centre in Gdynia, Poland

14 Oct 15 Oct 2016

EXPERYMENT educators will actively disseminate information compiled under the ScienceSquared Food theme.

Around the stand: interactive activities:

EXPERYMENT will organize the open workshops on healthy nutrition and home-grown plants, encouraging the general public to take an active part. Activities will be based on games and educational actions to promote very significant issues which are the subject of the research projects funded by the ERC, such as bad eating habits and performance issues with current global crops. During the activities, educators will give the information to public on current and most cutting-edge ERC-funded research.

The workshops will explain the problem of poor dietary habits and the impact of this phenomenon on the quality of life. Participants will be familiar with the principles of a healthy diet, the term of calorie dishes, will be able to see how difficult it is to burn 100 calories and compare how by volume and weight differs from each other 300 calories of different products. Participants will be able to find out how fat builds up and how does the mechanism of feelings of hunger and fullness in our body works.

To achieve this objective, the following hands-on activities will be presented by EXPERYMENT’s educators:

  • Interactive game on healthy diet – matching nutrients
  • Composition of dishes and eating habits - game with the use of a dining “plate”
  • 300 calories – participants will have opportunity to asses different elements in the scope of its volume

Also, the discussion will explainparticipants how to easily grow our own sprouts and vegetables and include them in the daily diet. To show the different types of crops we will show participants how important is background, water and a healthy root system in plant breeding. Each participant will receive a plant to grow in the home along with the necessary information.

To achieve this objective, following hands-on activities will be presented by EXPERYMENT educators all day long:

  • Presenting hydroponic and traditional ways of growing plants
  • Grow your own plant – educators will spread the kit for hydroponic growing, alongside with the leaflet with info on ERC research.


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