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ERC=Science² pop-up stand goes to Lõunakeskus Shopping Centre in Tartu, Estonia

26 Sep 30 Sep 2016

The special programme will be carried out by AHHAA Science Centre

The programme by AHHAA will comprise some of the best hands-on workshops AHHAA has to offer, e.g the making of LED lanterns, 3D glasses, virtual reality glasses and holograms.

The workshop on LED lanterns will help participants to find out how lamps have changed throughout the years and get acquainted with the newest trends in illumination industry, i.e. the light-emitting diode (or LED). The workshop on 3D glasses will provide explanations for the technology behind 3D technology, including stereoscopics and 3D effects seen in the movies while also enabling all the participants to make their own 3D glasses. The workshop on virtual reality glasses will give the workshop-goers an unprecedented VR experience as participants will be able to build functional VR glasses from cardboard that can be used with their smartphones. During the workshop all the participants will get to know how VR glasses work and what their future perspectives are. The workshop on holograms gives an overview of how holograms work, explains simply physics behind interference and diffraction. And moreover introduces all possible future applications of it, such as data storage, security and usage in electronic products, etc.

The workshops will tie the activities with the research done by ERC researchers working under the Human City theme. For instance, the making of virtual reality glasses will be connected with the computer vision research of Luc van Gool and Bastian Leibe. In addition, in the LED lantern workshop we will talk about how Matthew Gandy approaches the rethinking of urban nature and in the hologram workshop we will also focus on the programmability of cities that is studied by Rob Kitchin.


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