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Events in 2017

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15 Feb 2017
This lecture will showcase the research undertaken through the CODITA ERC Advanced Grant project, exploring the origins of cosmic dust and its impacts on the Earth’s atmosphere. Topics covered will include: the generation of dust around dying giant stars; formation of new stars and planets; comets and asteroids as the current source of dust around ...
Pavilion of Knowledge, Portugal
16 Mar 19 Mar 2017
Pavilion of Knowledge (Lisbon, Portugal) is going to host ERC = Science2 in a 4-day event (16-19 March 2017) under the theme of Food (The Taste Tests). The program will include conferences, participatory debates, projects’ showcase, hands-on activities, workshops and fab-lab activities, focusing on the importance of a healthy diet to increase life ...
20 Mar 2017
Over the past ten years, the ERC has funded almost 7,000 researchers and by extension, more than 40,000 team members, while the work of its researchers has been acknowledged by the scientific community with an extremely high level of citations. One of the challenges facing the ERC in the years ahead – particularly as Europe’s direction overall is ...