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Upcoming Events

Science Centre EXPERYMENT
24 Jun 25 Jun 2017

Science Centre Experyment invites you to join their ‘A Recipe for Longevity’ event scheduled to take place between June 24-25 in Gdynia, Poland. Visitors will get to experience the latest ERC-funded longevity research and what it means for our daily lives. A dedicated exhibition area will allow the visitors to age in a flash ...

Past Events

21 May 2017

On May 21st, the Association ScienceCenter-Network together with the Institute for Science and Technology (IST Austria) located in Klosterneuburg will host an interactive exhibition on the theme of longevity at the OPEN CAMPUS DAY at IST Austria. The ERC = Science2 project is a ...

Parque de las Ciencias Granada
16 May 17 May 2017

Although it’s true that we all age, some of us manage to keep fit and healthy, while the others don’t. Some of the latest research funded by the ERC provides fundamental insights into our understanding of ageing and age-related diseases and on May 16th and 17th one of the ERC-funded research projects will be hashed out in ...

12 May 2017

ERC=Science2 goes to Toulouse with President of the ERC Jean-Pierre Bourguignon for a day-long science communication training course for ERC grantees followed by an evening conference. At the conference, four ERC grantee will present their individual expereince in science and how their ERC grant changed their professional experience ...

10 May 2017

Our world is complex and challenging. Frontier research seeks to address these challenges head on, in ambitious and novel ways. The “Research at the Frontier” event offers an exciting opportunity to meet some of Europe’s top researchers in a relaxed and entertaining event, as they discuss their cutting edge research and the impact that this has ...

6 May 7 May 2017

The ERC=Science2 tent will be set up in the city center of Gdynia. The multimedia content will be complemented with several activities and workshops focused on brain health and aging. Activities will explore the aging of the brain and how to improve our brain activity. Participants will be invited to take part in ...

Biodiesel event at Leeds
26 Apr 2017

Biology is very good at chemical reactions that are useful in energy conversion, including those that create electricity from hydrogen, create (solar) fuels after harvesting light or those that convert carbon dioxide. However, technological and economical challenges have so far prevented biotechnology to make a real impact in these areas. ...

5 Apr 2017

BIOVISION: The World Life Science Forum 12th Edition

Your mother’s diet, your immune system and air pollution are among the many factors affecting how long you live and whether you develop Alzheimer’s or cancer. ...

Longevity Icons
4 Apr 11 Apr 2017

Between April 4-11, Parque de las Ciencias will host a public activity with the ERC=Science2 stand as part of the Longevity theme. In addition to the multimedia content highlighting the ERC-funded research in this area, the event will feature two workshops ...

20 Mar 2017

Over the past ten years, the ERC has funded almost 7,000 researchers and by extension, more than 40,000 team members, while the work of its researchers has been acknowledged by the scientific community with an extremely high level of citations. One of the challenges facing the ERC in the years ahead – particularly as Europe’s direction overall ...

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17 Mar 18 Mar 2017

2-days filled with ScienceSquared multimedia content highlighting the ERC-funded research accompanied by hands-on workshops and experiments dedicated to urban issues.