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The Teams

The Science|Business Team

  • William Echikson, Media Consultant
  • Maryline Fiaschi, Managing Director
  • Diane Fresquez, Writer
  • Richard L. Hudson, Editor-in-chief & Vice Chair of the Board
  • Éanna Kelly, News Editor
  • Sam Lane, Online Media Expert
  • Shane McCollam, Project Leader
  • Ben Newton, Web Developer
  • Florin Zubascu, Online Editor

The Ecsite Team

  • Tomas Rehacek, Project Manager
  • Maria Zolotonosa, Senior Project Manager

The School of Medicine, University of Zagreb Team

  • Srecko Gajović, Professor
  • Blanka Jergović, Professor; Science Journalist, Croatian Radio

The Ciência Viva Team

  • Sofia Lucas, Head of Education Unit
  • Gisela Oliveira, Project Assistant

The University College Cork Team

  • Jeremy Hayes, College Lecturer, Business Information Systems
  • JB McCarthy, Development Director, Financial Services Innovation Centre

The Vision 2020 Team

  • Lisa Hanselmann, Network Administrator
  • Abdul Rahim, Director
  • Martin Scott, Director of Strategy

The EMUNI Team

  • Aldelhamid El-Zoheiry, President
  • Dejan Hribar, Project Officer 
  • Jerneja Penca, Research Fellow

The EIRMA Team

  • Michel Crispi, Secretary General
  • Carine Ternest, Events & European Projects Manager